How Kingdoms Fall: Chapter 4

A guard ran down the corridors to the dining room in Raemith, knocking briefly before entering. Inside, Lucas and Xander sat at the table with food and papers spread out around them. “Your Majesties,” she said, quickly bowing. “There is news from Ocelin from the usual source.”
“What is it?” Lucas asked after a moment.
“Ocelin is sending another party to find a passage through the mountains.”
“Ha! See, I told you. They’ve figured out where the pass is and are sending more assassins,” Xander cried victoriously.
“You’re such a pessimist. You don’t know that they know where the pass is,” Lucas reassured.
“Yes I do. Marren just said so,” Xander said pointing at the guard. Marren just stood there silently, not wanting to get involved. She was used to this sort of thing by now.
“We don’t know that they’re assassins. They could just be a scouting party trying yet again to find the passage.”
“So they could be assassins.”
“If they were assassins then they would know better than to be caught by him, or they would pay him off at the very least.”
They continued arguing back and forth for about ten minutes before Marren coughed loudly. “Oh, right. Sorry Marren,” Lucas apologised.
“We should at least have someone following them, just in case,” Xander said to Lucas.
“Alright,” Lucas sighed. He turned back to Marren. “Send a message back to the source and ask him to follow the group. Tell him that he will be compensated for his time.”
“Of course, your Majesties,” Marren replied, bowing before leaving the room.

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