Wellness Day #WD2020: List of Activities


Wellness Day 2020 is right around the corner.  Make sure to look over what activities are available to pick from. Whether it’s board games, sports, or even knitting there is something here for everyone. Wellness day will be on Tuesday, January 14th.


Basketball ~

Exercise has been identified as a great stress management tool in countless research studies, as well as by the Souhegan student body! Come join others who enjoy playing basketball as a way to manage your stress for this session

No One is Bored with Board Games ~

Come unwind with a game of Monopoly, Clue or Battleship! Bring your favorite board game and enjoy getting back to the days when all you had to do was roll the dice, Pass Go and collect $200.

Coloring for Contentment ~

Does coloring make you feel relaxed and happy? Join us in a session of “grown-up” coloring while listening to music for focus, concentration, and relaxation. Materials will be provided.

Cribbage ~

Want to learn to play a card game that is fun, easy to learn, and is one of the most popular card games in the world?  Cribbage is a 2-, 3-, or 4-person game that only requires luck, strategy, and a deck of cards.  It has been around for over 400 years and is popular all over the world with over 10 million players in the U.S. alone. So hope you can join us to play this classic English game!

Experienced Runners Unite! ~

Are you an avid runner that can’t wait for the next mile? Join this experienced group of runners to get out and stretch your legs!

Warm Up, Slow Down, Chill Out! Hike & Yoga ~

Join us for a brisk 15-minute hike outside (rain/snow, or shine) to warm up and loosen your muscles followed by 45 minutes of gentle yoga stretch and relaxation.  You will need appropriate clothing for outdoor time loose clothing for the yoga stretch session. Yoga mat not required but if you have one please bring it.  No previous skill needed.

Indoor Rowing ~

Finding it difficult to locate a body of water to launch your shell and dip the oars? Does Frozen II just remind you that you can’t get on the lake? Such is the plight of the New England rower! In this session you will enjoy the relaxation that comes from connecting with your fellow rowing enthusiasts, hop on a rowing machine, and imagine you’re outside in the spring sun!

Jigsaw Puzzles ~

Your participation in this activity is the final piece to the puzzle of your own self-care… Come join up with a group that gains satisfaction and enjoyment with finding that one elusive puzzle piece that you are sure has been lost and most certainly doesn’t exist, until you find it… right in front of you.

Chess ~

Like strategy games? Enjoy the thrill of competition? Enjoy this session dedicated to playing chess with other like-minded individuals who have a passion for this timeless game.

Knitting ~

Learn to knit yourself a hat or scarf, or simple square (if you’ve never kitted before)! This session will be filled with quiet music and basic knitting. Experience would be best, but is not necessary. Please bring your own knitting needles or use ones provided. Yarn will be provided. Students are welcome to bring in a current knitting project, if they are working on one already.

Needle Felting ~

Make a Bunny or Bee or other soft animal out of a ball of wool with just a needle! Wool felting is one of the oldest known process of creating material for clothing.  Simple technique, no previous experience needed. Supplies will be provided.

Organize It! ~

Can’t find that worksheet the teacher just gave you? Lost your earbuds again? Start 2020 with a clean slate and get organized. During this session participants will have time to organize things like backpacks, binders and lockers. What to bring; Anything you need to get organized…piles of papers that you have been keeping, binders, backpacks, that box of things you keep up on a shelf etc.  Be prepared to purge and lighten your load.

Painting ~

Have fun painting with acrylics! Relax and unwind as you create a small design and paint it using various colors of your choice. Learn to mix colors, create dark and light tones, and paint a beautiful design. No previous experience needed.

Experienced Runners Unite! ~

Are you an avid runner that can’t wait for the next mile? Join this experienced group of runners to get out and stretch your legs!

Read Your Favorite Book ~

Reading is a proven stress reliever.  When you read, your mind is distracted from everyday worries and anxiety, while your muscles tend to relax. This session will take place in the writing center; find a comfy couch, pour yourself a cup of tea and bring your favorite book to read.

Souhegan Rocks 2020! Rock Painting ~

In this session you will have the opportunity create something special for yourself or to give away. You will choose a rock to paint, there will be a variety of shapes and sizes. I will provide both the paint and rocks. You may look up ideas or create something entirely your own. Painting rocks has been something I have found to be relaxing by focusing my thoughts creatively.

Beginners Guide to Running ~

If you want to learn the basics of running for stress relief and fitness but do not consider yourself a runner, this is the workshop for you. All you need is a pair of sneakers, some warmer clothes that are comfortable for moving around, and an open mind. We will discuss the empowering effects of running for your body, mind, and soul and take a light jog outside.

Theater Improv Games ~

Who’s Line is it, Anyway? Do you love to jump into character and play out a scene? Do you quote movie lines or sing show toons at the drop of a hat? Come and play some of your favorite improv games and let loose! Bring your sense of humor and any games you want to try.

Woodworking Workshop ~

This session is designed for students who have already taken an Engineering class at SHS or who are otherwise comfortable using the tools that we have in our engineering room. Take some time to work on your own project during the Woodworking wellness day session. Jenna will have project suggestions and materials or you are welcome to bring in something of your own to work on.

Reflective Journaling ~

Do you have a problem that keeps your mind racing? Are you under a lot of stress and need to get your thoughts down on paper? Is there someone in your life that you want to talk to but can’t? Writing is a powerful way to work through life’s toughest problems. In this session, you’ll be lead through 3 journaling techniques to help you sort through all that stress. If you prefer to come and just write, there is that option too. Come prepared with either a journal or laptop. There will be no requirements to share. This session is about YOU.

Zumba ~

Zumba is an dance fitness party drawing choreography from various styles of Latin and American dance, including hip-hop, cumbia, salsa, samba, mambo, merengue and reggaeton. No dance experience is necessary. Anybody who enjoys moving to music will have a good time- be prepared to laugh, move, and have fun.  Please dress in comfortable, breathable clothes and sneakers and bring a water bottle.

Zentangle ~

Zentangling is a form of drawing that is supposed to be healthy for your mind, making you more calm along the way. Some research even suggests that it also improves your memory, focus, relieves stress and anxiety and even reduces physical pain. If you have a Micron 01 pen that would help but pens can be borrowed during the session.

Lego Design ~

Let your imagination run wild as you build with the perfect material: Legos. During this session you will be able to relax while you build whatever you want – no instructions or requirements. Legos will be available, but you can also bring your own.

Capture the Flag! ~

Here is your chance to battle it out for bragging rights by capturing the flag of your opposition! This game will take place outside, so dress warmly and be ready to stake your claim and defend your colors!

Magic: The Gathering ~

Come relax, unwind, and play some good old-fashioned Magic. Whether you’re a veteran planeswalker or just a casual card game fan, we’ll be looking at deck composition and playing casually. Bring your own deck, or create one with cards provided! No prior experience needed, simply interest in Magic: The Gathering.

Cross country skiing ~

This activity is for those people who like to clear their minds by being active and outdoors.  We will be cross country skiing around SHS and enjoying the snow and the crisp air that winter offers us.  This activity will run regardless of the weather so dress appropriately.  In order to participate, you will need to bring your cross-country skiing equipment.

Meditation for Beginners ~

Join us as we go over the basics of meditation, online resources, and other ways you can help slow your mind and take a breath.

S’Mores Campfire Sing-Along ~

Bundle up, gather round the campfire, roast some marshmallows, enjoy a couple of s’mores and sing some traditional camp tunes with friends!  We’ll sing all the old favorites and we’ll even take requests.  We will, of course, end with a rousing rendition of Kumbaya!   Bring bongos, tambourines, ukuleles or other instruments if you want to join in with more than your voice.   Please note, this is a cell-phone free session!

Karaoke Coffee House ~

Does singing soothe you? Can you lose yourself in music and find solace in your own voice? Maybe you just like to let loose and have fun while jamming out! This is the session for you! We will grab the mic and let our inner voices sing out!

Parachute! ~

Do you have fond memories of the parachute games you played in elementary school PE? How about the giant Earth Ball? This session will transport you back to a time when you were care free and just had time to PLAY!

Random Acts of Kindness ~

Do you love spreading joy or making someone’s day with a simple act of kindness? This session will focus on creating simple and easy ways to share kindness with our community… and then DO THEM!!

Scavenger Hunt ~

In this session you will embark on an amazing race to solve riddles, find clues and navigate through the hunt to reach the final destination! The Hunt will take place both inside and out so dress prepared for anything!

Rock Climbing ~

Join the fight…….against gravity!! Join 15 others who wish to rise above the mini-gym floor and scale the wall. How high will you go?

Trivia! ~

Join this session for a round of TRIVIA to test your knowledge of fun facts to tricky riddles, entertainment, sports and mind-boggling math problems. Team up and tackle trivia to gain champion bragging rights!

Floor Hockey ~

Outside cold have you feeling blue? Love to skate but don’t have blades? Want to work out some energy with permission to use a stick to launch a flying object at that brave sole protecting the net? This session will have the competitors lined up to earn the title of Floor Hockey Champs!

Ice Hockey ~

Why hockey? I play to be a better person. I play to build character, learn to have passion, and fully be able to dedicate myself to something. I play because the rink provides a real, tangible barrier between myself and the rest of the world. When I am out there, my stick and skates and teammates are the only things that exist. I play to feel that peace. Bring skates and a stick. For those who cannot skate we will have a shooting activity set up beside the rink.

Curious Critters ~

Are you a fan of critters? Reptiles, amphibians and insects? Join this session to meet and greet with some of the most fun critters out there! This student lead session will inspire and delight those who connect with the littles of the Animal Kingdom!

Dungeons & Dragons ~

Never enough time to play your favorite game? Take time out to join the party while the Dungeon Master oversees the adventure!

Graphic Novels (Comic Books) ~

Take a break from the demands of the day and escape into the world of amazing characters and dynamic illustrations. Graphic novels bring stories to life in ways no other medium can! Bring your favorite graphic novel or comic book, or choose one of ours and dive into a world of adventure!

Mani/Pedi Session ~

Need a little pampering? Do your tips and toes need some sparkle? Join this session for manis and pedis… and a healthy dose of self-care, laughter and connection!

Dream Catchers~

The Dream Catcher legend says that Dream Catchers will catch all the bad dreams and let only the good dreams through to the dreamer below. In this session you will create your own dream catcher to support blissful dreams and contented sleep!

Card Making/Stamping ~

In this session you will tap into your creativity and love of art and stamping to create beautiful handmade cards! No experience needed… just a desire to create and have fun!

Pet My Dog ~

A great way to relieve stress is to spend time with animals.  According to Dr. Aaron Katcher, M.D. “When we are around animals, we become more joyous, communicative, expressive, and calm,” he says.  For this session we will be welcoming Alabama, a 10 year old black lab/border collie mix.  Alabama enjoys scratches under the chin and longs walks around Amherst.  Join us to play with my dog and relieve some of your stress.


Weight Lifting ~

Need time to pump some iron and relieve the stress of high school life! Meet in the weight room for this session to pound out some reps and leave the pressure of life outside the door!


Hike ~

Just looking to get outside, breath the clean New Hampshire air and take a Hike? This session will do just that! Dress warm for the weather and join your fellow hiking enthusiasts to destress and let go of all that weighs you down!


Crosswords & Brain Teasers ~

Do you love a good brain teaser? Is there nothing better than finishing a crossword puzzle that stumped everyone else? Then this session is for you! Join this crew for Sudoku and more!


Pretzel Baking ~

Discover how mindful cooking can be by learning how to make pretzels! Enjoy the relaxing, repetitive motions of kneading dough and then feast your taste buds with the finished product!


Gardening ~

Gardening slows me down. Digging in the dirt, planting and growing things can be very relaxing, and satisfying. Tending a garden is a meditative, humbling experience: you can’t force anything, you just have to wait. And every time you put seeds in the ground, it’s a pronouncement of hope in the future – or at least in the next few months. Come learn more about gardening. Plant some seeds, and look forward to the emerging plants and blooms. All you need to bring is your own curiosity.