Open Mic Night @ SHS

December 3, 2015

On November 12th, Souhegan students Sienna Langone and Kathy Dean hosted the school’s second annual “open mic” in the school store. Students demonstrated their talents through performing as well as reading original poetry.

Kathy Dean started the event off by reading some of her own poetry as students shuffled in.By the middle of the show about 20 students were enjoying the open mic as well as students from other schools.


Kathy Dean opens the night with a reading
Kathy Dean opens the night with a reading


The first musical performer was Tom Carlson who connected with his audience through his personal lyrics and melodic sound. Following Tom was Hollis-Brookline graduate Alex Sandin who sang original songs and brought a mellow-feeling to the room. They both back each other up in their performances. To break up the musical stream of performances Emily Peters recited an original passionate poem about what she stands for and she brought the room alive.


Tom Carlson and Alex Sandin
Tom Carlson and Alex Sandin


To continue with the high energy of the room multiple musicians went on stage and performed covers that everyone could sing along to including Weezer’s “The Sweater Song” and “Say it ain’t so”. The mannequin was the only member of the audience not in favor of the songs.


ames carlson paris
Loren Ames, Paris Dzen, Tom Carlson and Alex Sandin


By the end of the night all of the performances left the audience members with smiles on their faces. The next Souhegan open mic is scheduled for December 17, 2015. “Rock and Roll will never die” – Neil Young.

by Miranda Higgins 

photos by August Darula 

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