Student Leaders Support Tony Labranche


Sarah Tupper, Contributing Author

Hi, my name is Sarah Tupper and I am a sophomore at Souhegan High School. I am a member of our Community Council there and have worked with Tony for almost a year now. 

Since I started working with him, I have always understood that he wants to make this community better. His involvement in various organizations at Souhegan says that right away; from being the Chairman of Souhegan’s Constitutional Interpretation Committee, to being a Senior Grade Rep for Community Council, he has found many ways to leave his mark at Souhegan. 

He has also helped others, including me, to get involved at Souhegan and take action for what needs to be done. Prior to this year, Tony had served as a member of the Judiciary Board which carries out alternate and restorative discipline and as the Chairman of Community Review Board (CRB) which is Souhegan’s appeals system. This year, I ran for Chairwoman of CRB and was successfully elected, but I still knew that I would need help in leading the committee. Tony has helped me run this committee as a Vice-Chair of CRB to help pass the torch so to speak.  

He had the drive and focus to be an active member of the Souhegan School Board, which is what our school needs at this moment. We need someone who sees what is really going on in our school and how students and parents alike are affected by policy. 

I can assure you that he cares because he is one of us.

“I can assure you that he cares because he is one of us. “

— Sarah Tupper

He has always lent a helping hand to those who need it and he has always spoken up for the little guy. In fact, he created a Student Union at Souhegan for that exact purpose. He understood that students needed a more accessible place to be heard and he has made it happen. I firmly believe that the best experience anybody could have for this position is to have been an integral part of the Souhegan community, and that is what Tony Labranche has.

Unfortunately, being a sophomore means that I cannot vote. But you can!

You can help bring someone onto the Souhegan School Board that understands what needs to be done, and that will act on it. 

Tony Labranche will help fight for what is right — for you and for me. Please consider this at the ballot box on March 10th.

Thank you,

Sarah Tupper