Assistant Dean Set to Retire at End of Year

The beloved John Young is leaving Souhegan. What’s in store for his future?

After twenty-six years of dedicating his profession to Souhegan, our beloved Assistant Dean of Students is retiring. John Young, began working at Souhegan when the school opened and of course there have been changes but what has not changed is his love for his work, he says, “I try to create a positive culture for the school community.” All students and faculty will be sad to see John Young leave and everyone will remember his loyalty, hard work, and fun personality when he leaves Souhegan. 

    Growing up, John Young was a hardworking athlete and great friend. He grew up alongside his four other siblings and parents in Manchester, New Hampshire. When asked how to describe his childhood, he said, “There were five kids and my parents all grew up in a 900 square foot house, we had no choice but to be close. It was the best childhood though, and I wouldn’t change a thing.” As a child, he played outside with neighborhood friends, participated in sports, and attended school. His parents were a very strong influence in his life, and he still looks up to them to this day.

     A day in the life of John Young isn’t just dealing with bad behavior. , He tries to create a positive culture for the community of Souhegan High School. After 26 hard working years in the school system, “Youngy” feels like he has the trust of the students and believes that’s how you create a positive culture within a school. One of the many things John Young loves about his job is that he gets to watch kids grow into young responsible adults. He believes that his job affects his lifestyle because he “always tries to find the positive.” 

Currently, John Young resides in Manchester, NH. He has 8 nieces and nephews and 5 grand nieces and nephews. An activity he and his friends like to partake in is playing golf on the weekends. When asked how his friends would describe him he said “loyal” and loyal is a personality trait “Youngy” has carried with him his whole life. Unfortunately, when asked, Youngy believed one of the toughest decisions he has ever had to make in his life was deciding to leave Souhegan High School at the end of the year and moving on in life.

      Once John Young retires, he plans to leave New Hampshire and move down South. When asked what he hopes what his future will hold, he simply hopes to spend lots of time with family and play a ton of golf. For 26 years, John Young has been an excellent Dean of Students who constantly loved watching students grow up to be responsible young adults, and would do everything he could to get them there. He hopes that the future for Souhegan is great, and that the school will continue to always stick to their core values and principles. He is nothing but grateful for his time at Souhegan, and everyone at Souhegan will remember and appreciate him for all that he has contributed to our school. e