The Little Purple Dress: Chapter 5

The Little Purple Dress: Chapter 5

Abigail Robinson

Mary and Philip

     Mister Flynn came home late last night and I was scared that he was on to me. I think Lucia is since she called to her sister to help her dress yesterday morning. I gave them all dinner when they came in almost at midnight looking like they had been through a lot. Keeping up this facade is hard, but I’ve managed so far, so I can’t stop now. My family believes me to be dead, killed by the monsters that came to our house and stole me away. I’m not dead. They left me in the street instead of using me for whatever devilish things they had in mind to do with a young girl. I found my way to the market where I was found by Mistress Flynn before she died. That was a horrific day. I was helping deliver the child and when she didn’t come out of the sleep we put her under with the tonic, we were shocked, for she had survived four children before. And when those four children came home, oh, it was terrible. As much as I am faking, my love for this family is not on that list. This family has provided for me since the day Mistress found me, dirty and cut up from my long journey. She gave me nothing but love, so it is only right that that is what I return back to the family.

     Lucia doesn’t think I am genuine in my actions, the little scamp. She doesn’t trust me or let me get to know her. She really only cares for her elder sister, Lydia. She does love her other siblings and their father, but she doesn’t give them the same affection as she gives Lydia. I don’t know if it is her or me, but she seems very cold all the time.


     I had wait again this morning for Lydia and Lucia to get ready. Lucia always attached to Lydia at the hip and needing her help and not anyone else’s.

     “They are going to make us late.” I say to Elizabeth and Molly.

     “I know! They almost did yesterday and I don’t think that that would send the right message to the school master if we show up to school late on the second day.” replies Elizabeth. Molly nods eagerly, distracted by something out the window.

     “I don’t want to leave without them, but if they don’t come down soon, we might have to.” I say loudly hoping they heard.

     “I have a feeling they will come down right before we need to leave, just like yesterday. Holding hands and oblivious to others needs.” Molly says, snapping out of her daze.

     “Probably. They never leave each other’s side. Ever.” Elizabeth retorts, almost breaking her calm aura. Lydia and Lucia finally rush down the stairs, holding hands, looking innocent and not worried at all. Just as Molly predicted.

     “Sorry we’re late, Lucia needed help getting dressed and had to wait until I was done.” Lydia says with the usual smile that she thinks will make everything better. It doesn’t. We were supposed to leave five minutes ago and are almost going to be late.

     “It’s fine.” I say coldly not wanting to deal with her at the moment.

     “Philip, I truly am sorry. I don’t want to be late as much as we all don’t. Lucia just refuses to let her maid help her dress.” Lydia tries to make the situation better, but it only makes me more confused. Why wouldn’t Lucia let her maid dress her? All the maids seem really nice. Especially Mary. She is always looking out for us and giving us exactly what we need. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little sisters, they just don’t seem to care about us as much as they care for each other. I wish they would try to spend more time with me or Elizabeth or even Molly, while she is more quiet, once she comes out of her shell, she is so much fun to be around.