Convoy Organized by Souhegan Staff and Faculty Members

Miraya Ghosh



A few weeks ago, Spanish teacher Jolene Sawyer organized a convoy to cheer up Souhegan students. The convoy consisted of Souhegan staff and faculty members who drove around the neighborhoods of Amherst and Mont Vernon with signs and banners. Jolene stated in an interview that she got her inspiration for the idea from the convoy organized by the Milford teachers.  “And I thought we should do something for our kids,” she said, upon recalling seeing the convoy pass by. “We miss the kids so much, and they’re the best part of teaching so I just thought we should see if we could get something together.”


Souhegan faculty decorate their cars with signs, banners, etc.

The idea was met with lots of enthusiasm and a great turn-out from Souhegan staff. Many people gathered outside of their houses to wave to the staff/faculty members as they drove by . We are all so grateful to everyone who partcipated and helped organized this convoy for helping to cheer us up and take our minds off of the ongoing pandemic!

Chalk message left for teachers