2020 School Year Predictions

What the students think and what they want.


It happened. Within the district, we have cases of Covid 19. We have all been speculating, wondering, and worrying about the virus, and now it is in our home town, infecting those we know. The staff of Souhegan has been working tirelessly since we closed to implement protocols and plans that will keep those in the school building and community as safe as possible, but it is impossible to stop a global pandemic from affecting a large group of people entirely. In light of recent events, many have begun speculating, wondering how our school year will unfold, or be cut off. I have compiled a list of some of the most common predictions, directly from students.

Many colleges began their year with a planned shutdown after football season, quarantining through Thanksgiving break into the new year. Why has this plan been so well-liked? To put it simply, November to January is the common cold and flu season for most. Pre-pandemic, this was an annoyance rather than a widespread issue, but with the symptoms of Covid 19 being almost impossible to distinguish, it is safer to close, leaving no room for debate or interpretation. Many students predicted this for our school year, and to most, it seems reasonable and safe choice. University of South Carolina, Regis University, University of Notre Dame, and Creighton University have all adopted similar plans in hopes to have as much in-person instruction as possible while still keeping students safe.

Many people are confident in our student’s ability to stay safe this fall and predict that we will finish out the fall sports seasons, or get close to the ends. Souhegan students are invested in the community and if all keep in mind the fact that every choice affects both the town of Amherst and Mont Vernon, they will stay safe, and make the right choices.