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First and foremost, Merry Christmas! It’s the perfect time to reread Harry Potter by the fire, eat all your mother’s cookie dough, and fall asleep on the couch at Christmas parties. Or, in some people’s case, take a break from coding. Student-created and student-led, the Coding Club at Souhegan High School is one of the most interesting things we have to offer. Its purpose is to teach students coding in a practical, so that its members can develop their interests and go on to code later in life.

Despite what the movies will tell you, coding is actually somewhat simple. Yes, there are many components, as any member of Souhegan’s Coding Club will tell you, but only one way to code. Most platforms have a unique way of writing code, but they all use the same form. Once someone knows how to code, they can do any coding job, so it’s a very useful technological skill. It’s worth mentioning that in addition to its shocking simplicity, coding pays well. Only one in four high schools teach programming, which leads to a shortage of coders. They are in very high demand, and companies are willing to pay coders, as SCC member Katie McCann put it, “insane amounts of money.” Even hugely successful companies like Google and Facebook are desperately trying to acquire coders, and giving offering high salaries and amazing work environments in order to so. Coders are often allowed sit on beanbags when working, and given access to multiple cafeterias, lounge areas, and gyms within their workplace.

Coding is an amazing career that greatly benefits society. Unfortunately, due to the lack of coding education in public schools, most don’t start learning about coding until college, when one’s decisions are much more impactful in the long run. Things like Souhegan’s Coding Club allow students to explore this interesting and rewarding world in a safe and casual way. Joining the Coding Club here may lead you to discover a passion, and expand your future. All of this being said, the club doesn’t have snacks.Please be cautious in joining.



The Souhegan Coding Club meets on Mondays from 2:30 to 3:30 P.M. in room A103

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