Covid Takes on Halloween!

Covid Takes on Halloween!


Halloween 2020 will definitely be one we forget. With cases of the virus popping up around us, we need to take the proper precautions in order to keep ourselves, and our town safe and healthy. There are many ways we can enjoy the holiday while reducing the spread of covid as much as possible. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to celebrate and enjoy Halloween like we normally would!


Trick or Treat!

In Amherst and many neighboring towns, Trick or Treat will continue to take place. Here are some ways to help protect your children, while still providing the experience of so many exciting Halloween traditions! 1) Social Distancing. By social distancing and limiting the amount of people you come into contact with, you reduce the number of possible people at risk. While it may seem very difficult to maintain six feet from others while trick or treating, it will greatly benefit those around you. 2) Wearing a mask. While wearing a mask seems like today’s norm, it is very important to recognize the outcome properly wearing one has. Covid is most commonly spread from person to person by respiratory droplets. By not wearing masks or wearing them inefficiently, you are continuing to worsen the rapid spread of Covid-19. 3) Stay in your town while trick or treating. Some places announced that going to places outside of your town is prohibited this year(like the Amherst Village) , The village green district is also advising you to stay in your neighborhood if possible to help limit the spreading of the virus. 


While covid-19 has taken away some favorite Halloween traditions, it has also created opportunities for new ones to begin! For example, one tradition that will be missed by many; due to the lack of social distancing, are the beloved Village Green Doors. This year, Corona has made access to this tradition very difficult, however there are still some ways to experience Halloween traditions while maintaining distance and staying safe. “Scar

This display won the title “Most Creative”

ecrows Around Milford” is a program put on by the Milford New Hampshire Lions Club. Towards the beginning of October they sent out over 230 free “scarecrow kits” to families, businesses, and organizations to create a display around the area. This is a perfect way to enjoy festivities while keeping yourself and others safe! You can find a list of viewing addresses and photos of the contest winning scarecrows at: 

Socially Distant Gathering

The expectation that everyone stays home this Halloween is an unrealistic possibility. However, there are still many ways you can help prevent the spread of the virus during these gatherings. First of all, it is strongly advised that these gatherings consist of no more than 10 people, anymore would be irresponsible considering the current situation regarding the virus. Regardless of the number of people present, social distancing would be advised (although it’s not always possible or reasonable). Some smaller ways that may be more likely achievable would be washing your hands, wearing masks (if possible) and maybe even staying outside more. 


Due to our current situation, it is clear that celebrating will have to be adjusted for the pandemic. However, it doesn’t mean everyone can’t still celebrate Halloween! Just don’t forget to stay safe, and wear a mask!