The Best Christmas Movies Binge 2020


Are you looking for a holiday movie but the new Hallmark movies are not cutting it? Try out these favorites:


Darcy is a girl who loves reading who works at a Manhattan bookstore. When she was heading to work she crashed into an unexpected stranger, which led him into a coma! I love the plot twists and unexpected plotlines.
After a year of helping Prince Richard secure the royal crown, Amber is not sure she is ready for the crown herself. This movie has all the elements of a Hallmark movie but has a very progressive plot twist.
A journalist from the big apple reports on a small country called Alodiva and gets more than what she bargained for. The plot and the costumes are amazing in this film perfect for the holiday season.
This movie is about a family who is remembering their beloved family member living under one roof for five days. Almost Christmas is a movie that can bring the family together to laugh and enjoy the holiday season.
These two very different girls switch lives for a few days and fall in love with the other one’s love interests. This brings so much joy with Vanessa Hudgens in it! Such a big difference to see her on Netflix instead of Disney Channel!
This beloved classic tells the story of an old fellow who decides to steal Christmas from Whoville. This movie is an amazing family friendly classic.
This huge family decides to reunite for this special holiday season, but unfortunately, they all have secrets they are hiding from each other. A very fast-paced movie with lots of drama.
Come enjoy this Christmas in Peanuts fashion! There of course will be laughs as well as enlightenment during this season. It is a family-friendly movie that any age will enjoy.
Amber and Richard prepare for the addition to their royal family but their fate there could be a potential curse if the truce between their ally is broken. The other two were better but this one had a pretty good plot.
A young girl with an aspiring dream to become a singer meets a young attractive Santa Claus. This movie is a move you only need to see once.

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