Hope For Gus Week


In October, the SHS Ethics Forum held the annual Hope For Gus Fundraiser. While there were some major changes to how the week progressed, the school still came together for this great cause. Hope For Gus is a charity raising money for the research of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. You can learn more at https://hopeforgus.org/ 

I was so pleased to hear that, in spite of the circumstances of this year, Ethics Forum was going ahead with Hope for Gus week.” said Steve Dreher, the father of Gus. “They were super organized, selling t-shirts early and sponsoring cool events throughout the week.” In past years the Ethics Forum holds a festival during a home football game. This year that was not possible, but there were extra tickets for a limited number of students. 

Chris Brooks, the head of the Ethics Forum, said that “the Ethics Forum’s Hope for Gus Month was a great success as we were able to continue our tradition of supporting DMD research again this year.” The group was still able to hold similar events online as they were able to in person last year. Brooks also stated that “…the group came together and fully engaged in the process…” Despite the challenges that this year brought, the students were still able to pull off a successful Hope For Gus week.