Googly Eyes In The Time Of Covid


Recently, I had to use four googly eyes for a class project. The smallest size available on Amazon was a pack of 500! This article shows my attempt at trying to use the absurd amount of 500 googly eyes.

I make slime a lot, and decided to add some personality to this one:
It did turn out to be sort of eerie having lots of eyes staring at me through the clear slime, but it made a nice textured slime.
Adorning bottles in my fridge with googly eyes:
This one was really fun and made my family laugh the first time they saw it.

Making my creative project just a little creepier:
This one was weird, but it was interesting, at least.
Doing a school assignment:
It was super fun to make these clay sculptures and having googly eyes took off the pressure of trying to be serious
Giving my book a face:
This one was my favorite because whenever I got frustrated with plot development, I could close the book and chuckle at the cover. I find it very hard to remain mad at a book when it is staring back at me goofily.
This concept was mostly a joke, but it was actually really fun to find places to stick my googly eyes!

 Thank you for reading my first article!