Bernie Sander’s Mittens


Have you seen this in the media? 

Well, currently this image has been very popular on Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook! From Generation Z to Baby Boomers participating in making Sanders memes they sure have the approval. 

My top 10 are as follows:


This one has all the parts to make a perfect meme. It has Bob Ross as well as Bernie Sanders’ iconic inauguration mittens. A solid meme overall.
The muppets! The lovable moderators plus a new twist with Bernie Sanders is very entertaining.
Space plus Bernie Sanders equals an amazing meme outcome.


You’re a wizard Bernie! Some see him as a Slythierin or a Hufflepuff. What do you think?
Dolly and Bernie are two very well-known older fellows making this photo very special!
These memes just get better and better each time. Bernie with the classic film Forest Gump just gets better and better.
This is perfect for any age group. It has the beloved Beatles with the iconic Bernie Sanders photo.


This one is the best! Do I need to say anything else? Guy Fieri and Bernie Sanders in the same image. I don’t think it can be better than this!