5 Video Games To Cure Your Quarantine Boredom

5 Video Games To Cure Your Quarantine Boredom

Have you found yourself bored during this pandemic, and in a need to keep yourself entertained? Scrolling through social media has gotten boring, and reading books is so unmotivating. Well video games could be the way to go! The list below features some games that I highly recommend giving a shot.



This game has been around since 2011 and hasn’t lost its charm. Minecraft is a 3D, graphic simple game. You can do practically anything. You can start a new world in survival mode and make progress, eventually defeating the Ender Dragon at the end, or you can work at side tasks like building to your heart’s content. You can also go into creative mode and use an infinite amount of resources. You can also play with friends, or complete strangers! There’s so much to say about this game, but it’s so popular I don’t think there’s much to say. This has been a personal favorite game of mine for years.


To my horror game fans, this is for you. Phasmophobia is a first person game where you can team up with your friends to search different locations and locate a ghost. Your job is to find the type of ghost in the building using different resources like a spirit box or a notebook. Depending on how this ghost responds, it will help you discover what kind of ghost it is. This game uses a system called proximity chat. Proximity chat is a game feature that will use your in game location and how far away you are from other players, will make it more immersive by making you sound closer, or more farther away. It also supports voice recognition. Say if you were to use the spirit box and as a question through your microphone, the game can detect what you are saying and respond in a matter of seconds. There is so much to this game and it is extremely entertaining.

Geometry Dash:

A game that you probably haven’t heard since elementary school is making a comeback. Geometry Dash is a single player rhythm platformer game that kept me very entertained most of quarantine. This game has been fairly dead and unheard of for a couple years, but has recently started getting its name out there again. With RobTop, the creator, working hard at the new update that everyone is excited for, there is a lot of excitement. You can work on creating levels with the in game editor, or beating levels and pushing your skill as a player. If you reach a high enough skill level, you can start to beat demon levels. This being the hardest rating in the game, these levels really challenge players. The game is very exciting to play if you are the type of  player to dedicate time and effort to complete a challenge.

Rocket League:

This game also surged in popularity, as of this year it was released for free. Rocket League is an online sports game combining the movements and mechanics of driving, with the sports mechanics of soccer. You can unlock cosmetics for your vehicle, like toppers, colors, decals and more by leveling up from getting XP, which can be earned via playing matches. Different things done per game can give you more XP, like how many goals you score, how many saves you get, and if you win, as a couple of examples.

Among Us:

A game that has surged in popularity out of nowhere, Among Us is a multiplayer, animated mafia game where one, two, or three players, depending on game settings are set, are selected to be an “Imposter.” Their objective is to murder the rest of the players, while trying to blend in and not be caught. The other role everyone else is assigned is a “Crewmate.” If you are a crewmate, your job is to stay alive for as long as you can, while completing tasks, fixing crises, all while trying to find the imposters. A clever game of trust and deception, you have to play as smart as you can.