Jeb Bush discusses international policy at Souhegan High School (Ben Wesenberg )
Jeb Bush discusses international policy at Souhegan High School

Ben Wesenberg

When Jeb Came To Town.

Saturday's foul weather wasn't bad enough for Jeb supporters to fill Souhegan's Cafeteria.


The Claw staff greeted Jeb Bush and had the opportunity to ask him a variety of questions.
Ben Wesenberg
The Claw greeted Jeb Bush and held an exclusive interview with him.


Saturday, January 16– Governor Jeb Bush visited Souhegan High School.  Doors opened at 9:15 and of course the die hard Jeb fans were there at the opening. The Jeb rally was structured as a town meeting full of questions, listening, and conversation with Governor Bush.

Governor Bush spoke of his plans for America if he were to become our next president of the United States. Bush remarked that “government shouldn’t grow faster than people’s ability to pay for it” He also talked about the role of government stating, “Government isn’t the master of our lives it’s our servant.

Sally Agel, an 8th grade science teacher at Merrimack Middle School, commented on the topic of increasing the amount of STEM grades and decreasing the abundance of tests that students take agrees with Jeb. Sally said, “I’m all for more STEM type activities and less testing, although I don’t believe that Amherst and Merrimack test too much.” Sally also stated that, “Jeb is my favorite republican candidate”.

Jeb took a series of questions from a variety of town residents.
Jeb took a series of questions from a variety of town residents.

Bush made remarks on Israel and what he will do as president to help them. “We need to take Iran on saying ‘death to Israel!’ and ‘death to America!’” he said.

Will Facques, a junior at Souhegan High School, spoke of his view on America taking action and supporting Israel when Iran constantly preaches “death to Israel” and “death to America” to their people. Will talked about whether he agreed with Jeb that we should take this seriously and give Israel America’s support. “ I personally don’t think that we should be having that much involvement out in the Middle East. I think it should be more up to those countries to stop ISIS and other stuff internally, but I still think that we should stop Iran with their nuclear abilities to make sure that they’re not becoming a threat to us as well as making sure that we do keep Israel safe…”  Facques is on the fence about who he supports, “I’m not quite sure who I support yet I don’t love anybody, Jeb’s better than Trump,”

Bush created a stimulating meeting with great conversation and some entertaining surprises.

The Claw discusses college tuition, gun control, and international policy with republican candidate former Governor Jeb Bush.
Click here for the youtube version of our interview.






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    Lisa PetrieJan 19, 2016 at 9:58 am

    Great scoop Claw staff! The video interview is fantastic. You took this on like professional reporters, and asked great questions from a student’s perspective. The photographs and writing are terrific, too! I hope this was an exciting experience for you!


    Lisa Petrie

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