Souhegan High School’s List of Clubs


The Environmental Club

Increase knowledge about environmental issues in our Souhegan Community.

Advisor: Julianne Mueller-Northcott;

When: TBD Weekly in room a127

Ocean Bowl Team

Prepare students for the regional Ocean Bowl competition

Advisor: Julianne Mueller-Northcott;

When: TBD Weekly in room a127


Prom Committee

The committee is in charge of planning and executing the junior/senior prom in May.

Advisor: Anne Clifton-Waite and Wendy True; or

When: TBD

Ethics Forum

Advisor: C. Brooks and K. Braley;

A club to enhance student leadership and voice.

When: Senior Lunch/Every Day


Book Club

The Book Club seeks to promote the love of reading and introduces students to new titles they might enjoy. Students find fellowship with peers with common interests, read books together and discuss them and engage in other book-themed activities.

Advisor: Sarah Kunyosying; skunyosying@sau39.or

When: Friday, once monthly in the Writing Center


Equestrian Club

SHS Equestrian is a club that competes in Division 2 of the NHHSET. We have 3 district meet competitions starting in April. In May, our season closes with a state championship meet for students that reach this level. The club’s goal is to support a friendly, competitive group of riders that learn from each other and support each other, but most importantly have fun riding and being part of a team!

When: Once a month or less until January. Some meetings will happen at SHS but practices will happen at a local barn, or the rider’s barn.

Advisors: Olivia Binstead and Holly Tate; or


Fandom Club 

We are a club for anyone who is a fan of something, TV, Movies, Games (Video or Board), Books, Comics if you are a fan this is the club for you.

When: Thursday each week

Advisors: Charlie Swift;

Crafting Club

Teach handcrafts to students (and possibly staff) depending on their interests, which could include sewing/quilting, basket weaving, and card making.

When: TBD-Once a week or every other week

Advisor: Karen Johnson;


Souhegan Crew Club

The club introduces the sport of rowing to students. Students learn the stroke, develop fitness and have the opportunity to compete. Students can participate in the club’s land-based training to learn about the sport and develop fitness but in order to row on the water and compete students pay a fee each season and join partner 401c3 organization Baboosic Lake Rowing Club.

When: Every day except Friday and Sunday. Split between Baboosic Lake, Fitness Center, and Hallway outside of wellness closet.

Advisor: Leigh Ann Evans (not faculty, is community member)


Creating Friendships for Peace (CFP)

The purpose of this club is to collaborate with teens from around the world living in divided communities and learn how best to create and promote lasting friendship.

When: Once per month. Either in the Info Center or offsite based on student schedules.

Advisor: Marjie Hobbs/Bo Dean;;

GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance aka Gay-Straight Alliance)

The Gay-Straight Alliance is a welcoming group that exists to provide a safe space for lgbtq+ students and allies where they can meet in a judgement-free zone. The group advocates for and supports a safe, inclusive culture at Souhegan High School with a goal of acceptance, visibility, and equality.

When: Weekly/TBD

Advisor: Anna Barrett;

Table Top Club (RPG Club)

Encourage student cooperation through group participation and activism
and encourage student creativity

When: TBD

Advisor: Maryam Abdi


Community Council

Student Government

When: Every Monday space TBD

Advisors: Tony Doucet & Tim Cotreau; or


Coding Club

Foster kids’ interest in computers and programming. Have fun!

When: Once per week. TBD

Advisor: John Ranta;;

Souhegan Best Buddies 

Best Buddies aims to provide real, authentic peer relationships for our students with disabilities.

When: Large group meets monthly – possibly in Transitions (131-132)

Advisor: Kim Ommundsen;


The Claw

We are a student-driven digital magazine that highlights and promotes the successes, activities, and events around Souhegan. We are a mix of students interested in digital media, journalism, art, video, and podcasting. You are reading us right now.

Advisor: Adam Theriault;

When: Monday night at 6:00. Room A121


Math Team

Promoting math as an activity rather than a chore, fostering an academic team atmosphere, competing against other teams monthly in a competitive format.

Advisor: Lee Gast;;

When: 1 time per week (Sept-Mar) in room 128


A Capella

This is an A Cappella Group, which is a modern choir ensemble with no instrumental accompaniment. The kids will choose the songs, I will help them rehearse and learn the techniques, and they will perform at concerts and other community events. We will focus on arranging techniques as well as performance practices, stage presence, musical literacy, balance, and blend.

Advisor: Kerri Nasson;

When: Weekly room 167

Drama Club

We aim to put on two shows (at least) this year- a Fall Play and a Spring Musical. I will also design some workshops for the Theatre Guild and set design/stage crew throughout the year. We have 4 students leaders (Taylor Ciotti, Nathanial Shepherd, Julia Dowd, Autumn Fichera).

Advisor: Kerri Nason;

When: Weekly in the Theater

Knitting Club

Knitting Club is an inviting space for all yarn artists, no matter the skill level. We will crochet, knit and even invite those who embroider to join us. When we meet, we will chat, teach each other and might even have some snacks. The goal is to have fun, learn together and make friends. A fun idea for this club is that we may make hats or blankets to donate to the organization.

Advisor: John Ranta;

Historical Conservation Club

Our goal is to set up and partake in various volunteer activities such as volunteering in our local museums and cleaning historical statues, etc. We, once this club is official, plan to contact the Amherst Historical Society and work in conjunction with them as well.

Advisor: Jolene Sawyer;

When: Once a month

Chess Club

Play and learn chess. All levels are welcome!

Advisor: Dave McGrath;

When: Thursday, Info Center 3-4pm


Table Tennis Club

Improve your table tennis skills.

Advisor: Viet Pham;

When: Thursday, after school back hallway of Chemistry rooms

Outing Club

This club is focused on outdoor recreation that is accessible to all students. Goals: get kids active in nature. Hiking, climbing, snowshoeing, etc. Provide them with everything they need to enjoy the outdoors.

Advisor: Maya Ashooh;

When: Thursday

Writing Center Coaches 

Develop skills and tutoring writing across the curriculum. Help and instruct students with their own writing.

Jeanne Sturges;

When: Wednesdays, Writing Center


We meet to cover events happening at the school, so that they can be covered in the 2021-22 yearbook. We will be taking pictures, gathering quotes and fun memories to celebrate the year and putting it all together as a group to create the best yearbook possible!

Advisor: Olivia Binstead;

When: Once a week A122

SHS Model U.N.

Our goal as a club is to train to become delegates/representatives of countries and enact a simulation of the political stage presented in a United Nations format. Everything from debates to open forums on issues will be had at our meetings. Eventually (and hopefully) we will attend the New York Model UN convention (date tbd) to enact a proper conference on a mediated stage.

Advisor: Kelli Braley;

When: Every other week in Writing Center

Mountain Biking Club

Introduce mtb enthusiasts to each other, enjoy a common interest and help each other progress in ability.

Advisor: Stephen Anderson;

When: Friday once a month to bike to Horse Hill