Class of 2022 Senior Hike on Mount Monadnock


Last Wednesday, on October thirteenth, the class of 2022 ascended to the top of Mount Monadnock in honor of their senior year. Located in Jaffrey New Hampshire, at an elevation of 3,165 feet, seniors as well as staff members were able to observe the beautiful view and horizon atop the rocky summit. 


Senior hike coordinators, Sarah Barbato and Matt Mcdonald, senior leadership, as well as many more staff members were responsible for making the hike possible. “We started planning in mid/late August, but it’s not an all day every day planning event. We work on it a few hours a week until it’s time,” according to Sarah Barbato. 


Senior hike has been a tradition at Souhegan for many years. Sarah Barbato mentioned, “Since before Matt or I have been here! I have heard since the beginning, but I’m not sure exactly the number of years.” For many students, the senior hike is seen as a rite of passage.


According to senior Nathanael Shepherd, “The senior hike to me is a physical representation of our lives. A pretty long climb, but you are there with your friends and your peers all the way to the top.”


“It’s a way for us to get together as a senior class and have fun and experience something different throughout the year,” said senior Abby Rose. 


The day of the hike began with students lining up to board the busses. As we are currently in the midst of a bus shortage, the busses were an obstacle senior hike coordinators faced. According to Sarah Barbato, “Kelli Braley was able to use her connection with a coach bus company that we have been using for sports teams to secure 3 buses at a rate not much higher than we pay for school buses.” 


Excitement was in the air as the busses turned onto the road leading to the base of the mountain. Many students had great anticipation of the day they were about to spend with their friends and peers.

Base of Mount Monadnock

Senior Joely Brammer-Depuy mentioned, “I’m really excited to spend the day outside with all my friends and celebrate our last year together in the same school.”

“Monadnock is a really nice mountain, I’m really excited for the views at the top,”  senior Will Oehler expressed.


Seniors hiked about two miles to the summit and were greeted by staff members cheering to them from the top. The view was clear and vast as there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Many seniors took this time to take pictures, as well as to sit down and take in the view with friends. 

By 12:00 pm, all students were asked to descend the mountain where they were greeted with a cookout at the base of the mountain. People ate burgers and hot dogs as well as snacks provided. Everyone was able to fully sit down and relax after their embark of Mount Monadnock. By 2:00 pm, everyone boarded the busses once again and headed back towards Souhegan.

Many students had greatly enjoyed their experience on senior hike and were able to reflect upon it. 

View from summit

Senior Bel Remick mentioned, “I was not feeling great about halfway up, thinking that I wasn’t gonna make it,” her favorite part then being, “getting to the top and seeing the view.”


“Getting to the top was really fulfilling and super fun with my classmates. I enjoyed seeing them going through the same pain as me, struggling together to get to the top,” said senior Shannon Hargreaves.

As senior hike is one of the many milestones experienced throughout senior year, there are many other achievements seniors are excited to accomplish throughout this upcoming year. 


Will Oehler explained that for his senior year he is looking forward to “January 16th, when all of the (college) applications are in, and I can just relax.” 


“I am looking forward to everyday being in person and around most of the grade,” said Bel Remick. 


The class of 2022 has experienced most of their academic career in the midst of a pandemic and through remote-learning. Having a senior hike celebrates all of the grade’s hard work, bringing a sense of normalcy and creates a sense of hope towards the rest of their academic career. Here’s to the class of 2022!