Why you should use Linux


For the longest time, Microsoft and Apple have ruled the personal computer market. As they rose to power a small community started to grow in the background, growing to dominate the server industry. The operating system is known as Linux and here is why you should make the switch.


Linux was originally created by Linus Torvalds when he didn’t have enough money to buy Unix for his PC, and he designed it taking inspiration from the GNU project which is what makes up a majority of an open source operating system and the free software movement. The free software movement is a movement supporting the idea that computer software should be free to download, and that the source code should be freely available to copy and edit. Linux slowly grew in popularity with more and more contributors, and with the creation of Git, a program used to manage group coding projects, it paved the way for future open source projects.

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Have you ever been annoyed When Windows forces an update or has to restart at the worst times? Linux solves both of these problems. Unlike Windows—where users have to search the internet for their software and then individually update them through the software—Linux does things differently. It uses something called a package manager to automate installing software and updating your system. On Linux installing software, and updating the system is as simple as typing four or five commands into a terminal (The command prompt of linux), The best thing about this is that Linux never forces updates on its users! It’s entirely up to you when and where you update, and when you do, an annoying restart is rarely necessary. Linux simplifies and optimizes updating your computer, giving users more control.

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Linux also allows more control over your computer by allowing people to customize it to their individual needs. Unlike Windows, you are not stuck with the default desktop environment (how your desktop is presented with your taskbar and windows) Linux allows for the installation and use of multiple different versions of desktop environments. Do you like how Windows 10 works but want more customization? Use KDE Plasma. Do you like the layout of Windows 7 but want something more modern? Use Cinnamon. Want to forgo a conventional desktop environment and use one that organizes your windows for you? Use a tiling window manager. The amount of desktop environments and the customization options Linux has allows you to fine tune your computer to your needs, allowing you to work as efficiently as possible.

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Another large part of Linux is putting the power of computing back in the power of the user. Unlike Windows, besides optional diagnostics information, no data is collected on most Linux versions from you by the operating system.In an age where Microsoft has crushed and destroyed almost all opposition to keep its monopoly, Mac and Linux are the largest remaining players in the computer market, and the best way to make computing work for the people is to give the people control over their operating systems. Microsoft has claimed to love and support Linux, but with their history of trying to overtake competitors with the idea of embracing, extending, and extinguishing, it is obvious they aren’t really being honest. With Windows tracking all sorts of data and Apple breaking their long stance on privacy with invasive CSAM scanning which scans photos on your phone, the last bastion of computer privacy and freedom is Linux.

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Although Linux is a great operating system. It wouldn’t be honest for me to not tell you about its downsides. The main problem with Linux is that a lot of the professional software you may be used to may not work on linux. A small amount may work through something like WINE, a tool for running windows applications on Linux, most won’t work due to anti piracy measures. For example, the entire Adobe Suite of software will not work, but not all hope is lost. There are many free open source alternatives to the software Windows uses. Some may not have all the functionality of their Windows counterparts, but the average Joe you may not necessarily need those functions. For gamers, due to Valve’s implementation of WINE called proton a large amount of Steam games will just work with no tinkering needed, and with progress made with kernel level anti cheats, some of the most popular online games should become playable on Linux after a long time of being broken.

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Due to the lack of support from professional software developers, Linux may not be a viable choice for everyone, but that does not mean everyone should write it off. From reviving old slow computers to customizing your workflow to your needs, Linux may help your productivity more than you might think. Linux is the best way for you to put computing back in your hands, and bit by bit break Microsoft’s stranglehold over the market.