Interview with State Champion Cross Country Runner and UConn-Commit, Chloe Trudel

Last Saturday, Souhegan’s own Chloe Trudel took home the first place win at the Cross Country State Championship. This incredible accomplishment, as impressive as it is, becomes even more admirable when combined with the fact that just a few weeks before her victory, Chloe announced her commitment to run at the University of Connecticut. Both these accomplishments are things that Chloe has been working towards for years, and goals that have inspired her greatly. 

“It was surreal to be honest.” Chloe says about her win, “I was runner-up last year and to cap off my senior year I really wanted a win at the championship.”

She goes on to say that the race was difficult, but the reward was worth the challenge.

“The conditions were anything but favorable but I’m glad that the race went well. I’d say I executed it pretty well, and it was definitely a competitive field, so to come out on top felt really amazing.” 

And even though running has always been a big part of Chloe’s life, she didn’t always see it as a career.

“I started running in fifth grade for the fun of it, and just because my parents did it and I thought It’d be something cool and interesting to try. I’ve been doing it for quite awhile now, but I never thought I’d be at this level.”

Chloe credits much of her journey to this level to the Souhegan cross country team, and the inspiration it gave her as a middle schooler.  

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do, or if I wanted to continue it. I really started getting competitive in eighth grade, and then I saw the girls at the high school running and thought ‘I want to do what they’re doing.’”

Specifically, she considered Souhegan alumni Madeleine Hunt as one of her biggest role models. 

“I heard about Madeleine Hunt who’s been one of my idols for years now. She was the state champion when she was a senior, and she committed to Bucknell University, which is a D1 school in Pennsylvania. I knew I wanted to be like her when I heard about her story.” 

And while the recruitment process was strenuous, Chloe says that it felt natural. 

“The college process was very long, I started contacting coaches in July heading into my Junior year, and for some reason I was always drawn to UConn. I just had a feeling that it would be in my top three, and it ended up being the one I chose.” 

There were a number of factors that went into this choice that combined Uconn’s team, academics, and overall community. 

“I fell in love with the coach, and when I went on my official visit I fell in love with the team, and the team dynamic as well. I liked how they ran things there, what their workouts were, and I felt like I could picture myself there. I was really drawn to their nutrition program, and they had a lot of options regarding my academic interests which are biological sciences, nutrition and dietetics, and physical therapy programs as well as kinesiology. So they had a lot of majors within my field of interest.”

Chloe’s journey with running is a spectacular one, but her advice to other student athletes is simple.

“If you’re passionate about it and you work harder than everybody else, and you really have the drive and are determined to chase after your goals, stick to them and keep them in mind whenever you’re feeling down about yourself. Remember your goals, remember your aspirations, and chase after them!”

Good luck Chloe as you chase after your dreams at Uconn, we know that you’re going to do great things with the amazing opportunities ahead of you!