Corinne’s Red (Taylor’s Version)’s Top 5 Hits


(Image: Red (Taylor’s Verison)-Album Taylor Swift)-Spotify)

     On Valentine’s Day in 2013, Taylor Swift’s original Red CD was in my hand, tied in a pretty red bow. Although it was released that October, my father had gotten me the exclusive Target version of Red. I played that album over and over until I started using a music streaming subscription. When I heard Taylor was re-releasing a revamped version of her old albums, my first pick was Red since I had the fondest memories of it. But she released Fearless first. Fearless is a great album, but Red has a different spot in my heart. When Taylor announced a re-release of Red was up next, I was thrilled. I could not wait to relive my 7 year old fantasy. Here are my top picks; 

Red (Taylor’s Version)’s Top 5 Hits:

1) “All too Well (10-Minute Version)”: This was the first song I listened to, which immediately brought me to tears physically and emotionally. I have listened to this song at least 5 times and the lyrics “maybe we got lost in translation” still give me chills. Listening to it in the pouring rain helped me to fully experience the song.

2) “Stay Stay Stay”: I keep coming back to this song. It has the same vibe as the original version, just more refined, showing Taylor’s maturity and growth as an artist. I also love the bridge:  

“You took the time to memorize me

My fears, my hopes, and dreams

I just like hanging out with you, all the time

All those times that you didn’t leave, it’s been occurring to me

I’d like to hang out with you, for my whole life” 

At 7 years old I sang these lyrics, and as I’ve gotten older and matured I can understand and resonate with them. 

3) “Run (feat. Ed Sheeran)”: Although I loved “Everything Has Changed” with Ed Sheeran, this new song highlights their styles of music, whereas “Everything Has Changed” reminds me of what the studio wanted. I also loved how their voices blended so clean. More chills (this time not from the rain). 

4) “Red”: This song is “like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street”. If you did not get this reference…you’re clearly not a Swiftie. Anyway, this song did not disappoint. As always, the bridge and lyrics were incredible.

5) “Treacherous”: I will admit that at 7 years old I was not the biggest fan of this song. But as I have matured, the story has come full circle and I’m in awe of it. The second bridge to the song’s outro is what really secured it on my top 5 list.

“Two headlights shine through the sleepless night

And I will get you, get you alone

Your name has echoed through my mind

And I just think you should, think you should know

That nothing safe is worth the drive

And I would follow you, follow you home

I’ll follow you, follow you home

I’ll follow you, follow you home

I’ll follow you, follow you home

This slope is treacherous

I-I-I like it”

Honorable Mentions:

State of Grace (acoustic), Everything has Changed, Holy Ground, Begin Again, and 22. 

    I am quite proud that I stayed up on release day to listen to Red (Taylor’s Version) and its newer renditions of incredible songs. The next morning, I had a caramel latte in true Swiftie fashion. Don’t worry…I have already requested two things for Christmas: a Red (Taylor’s Version) CD from my father and red lipstick. Be sure to give the album a listen. You can check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Youtube, and other music services!