My Experience of Van Gogh Exhibit in Boston: The Immersive Experience


     What is there to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon? Shop? Sleep? Or perhaps try something a little bit different. Unfortunately, The Van Gogh Exhibit in Boston: The Immersive Experience has closed, but not without a visit from yours truly. So even if you can no longer go, there is always my review.

       Once we arrived at the building, there was a line all the way to the exit of the exhibition. We waited in line until it was our turn. There were the traditional plaques that shared the story of Van Gogh as well as the exhibition.

     After that, we walked into the gallery projected full of the work of Van Gogh. It was incredible! The floor reflected the artwork as well as the walls. As shown below..


      Overall it was an incredible experience, and I highly recommend it if you are given the opportunity to go!